Help Save our Marine Environment

I have now joined the Marine Conservation Society as a junior member. The MCS has allowed us to use their 'Proudly Supporting' logo on our website to help raise awareness about their activities to help preserve our seas, oceans and marine life. During our trip I will be on the lookout for evidence of marine pollution and also certain marine animals, like sharks, dolphins, whales and turtles. I will describe each sighting and log the position using our onboard global positioning equipment. This information can then be reported back to the MCS to record on their database. Please click on the logo and it will tell you more about the MCS 'Clean Seas' initiative, as well as 'Ocean Recovery', 'C

Crew Members for the ARC+

Giles Birt and Ray Davies are joining Moana in early November 2018 to help with the ARC+ to St Lucia via Cape Verde. Giles and Ray live in Pembrokeshire and have been on expedition trips as far afield as the Himalayas, South America & Africa as well as having plenty of years of boating closer to home around the beautiful local coastline. We know each other well and will have time during late July and August to get to know Moana and prepare for the trip ahead. Welcome aboard.... #SYMoana

Don't worry....we're not crossing the Atlantic on this one!

Moana has a great little tender, which is a rubber dingy with an aluminium bottom. It's known as a RIB, or 'Rigid Inflatable Boat'. Apparently the RIB was invented by school children at Atlantic College in Wales. It will be hoisted on 'davits', which are mini cranes, at the back (known as the 'stern') of the yacht. After a bit of tuition I will be able to have a go at driving it, carefully! I can't wait. #SYMoana

Only a few weeks until launch

Wow, just look how big she is............ The bottom of the keel is nearly 2.5 metres below the waterline - that's nearly double my height! She also weights 28,000kg, which is about 800 times heavier than me! Moana is in the workshop in Ipswich. The boatbuilders and craftsmen at Fox's are all working hard to get her into shape and looking her best for our adventure. #SYMoana #Maintenance

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