Here we go! Bon voyage...

Thanks to all the teachers and my friends at Kings St Albans for making my last week before the adventure on Moana so memorable. It was great to be in the celebration assembly on Friday and the party at Zizzis was brilliant. Thanks everyone for your support and kindness. Some photos have been added to the 'photos' section of the website. On Tuesday we are flying out to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to meet Dad. Moana arrived there today from Madeira and the preparations have now started for the ARC+ leaving date on 11th November. We're heading for the Cape Verde first of all. Then we cross the Atlantic Ocean. Wow! #SYMoana

Wildlife and Waterspouts

Whales, Turtles, Surfing Sushi and Waterspouts......As time still feels fairly tight for the ARC+ preparations we departed from Quinta do Lorde Marina on a sunny Thursday afternoon, and with very little wind headed southward to Las Palmas. The peace was duly broken as we looked back at Madeira to see the island was cloaked in cloud and a large waterspout had appeared in the distance close to Funchal. From the distance and scale it looked to be around 100 metres across. Not something to meet on your evening sail. For the next 36 hours we had light airs, calm seas and great wildlife watching. A least six whale sighting, mostly Pilots, and a few of groups of sunbathing turtles near the Selvage

Across the Bay of Biscay

On Sunday 14 October 2018 Moana started her first major voyage since the refit at Fox's and new engine in Southampton. Included in the crew are Judith, Alistair, Rob, Skipper Alan (to assist us for our first significant offshore trip on board an Oyster 56!) and myself. Risi and Alex from Oxford came to see us off on a cold, and very wet, Sunday morning at Saxon Wharf. At 08.30 the tide was right to pass safely under the Itchen Bridge, filmed by Risi and Alex in case we'd miscalculated the air-draft....) and the adventure was beginning to deliver Moana to Las Palmas to start the ARC+ with Jo, Freddie, Giles and Ray. First Stop, Portugal. #SYMoana

Volvo Power

The Swedish Repower for Moana is coming together! After lifting and coaxing the new Vovlo Penta D3 into place this week, we are now at the closing stages of 'dry' installation. Commissioning and sea trials are due to begin on 8th October and, all being well, departure for Spain should be later on next w #Maintenance #SYMoana

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