Leaving Barbuda

It has been a superb week in Barbuda. Relaxing, interesting and productive with Freddie's maths and english! After Low Bay, Codrington and the Frigate Colony we moved down the west coast to Cocoa Point. None of the anchorages around the island guarantee comfort as they are all susceptible to swell from various quarters. We were lucky this time as the north-easterly and easterly winds prevailed and the anchorage was largely free of any 'roll'. Without any jetties, or docks, this also made beaching the tender fairly straightforward. Towards the point the two luxury, and exclusive, low rise developments of Cocoa Bay (Princess Diana's favourite bolt-hole apparently) and the K Club, are in tatter

Pink Sand and Frigate Birds

Barbuda is the most beautiful, desolate place. It is also home to one of the largest Frigate Bird colonies in the world. The real Pirates of the Caribbean. The ravages of Hurricane Irma left the island's already basic infrastructure devastated, and the community homeless. The landscape still consists of scattered debris, derelict buildings, containers, tents and the temporary accomodation and storage for various aid agencies. Some Barbudans, including children, have yet to return from their evacuation to Antigua and the population is down to around 1200 people, the majority of whom remain in Codrington trying to rebuild their damaged and levelled houses, schools, churches, shops and business

Remote Control Sailing

It was a weird but wonderful birthday and Christmas away from Worcester. We are now in Clover Leaf Bay on the east side of Antigua and I have now had time to build the Dragonforce 65 Remote Control Sailboat which Mum and Dad bought me for Christmas. It's brilliant, just like the real thing, and I can tell you that from experience of the last 2 months! Here's a video of 'Maui' as she's known, on her maiden voyage yesterday...... #SYMoana

Catching Up in 2019

We are now into 2019, having spent Freddie's birthday in Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica and a lovely, peaceful Christmas in Deshaies, Guadelupe. It has been time to reflect, and maybe even catch up a bit, with people and family we miss from back home. Risi, George, Dad and Thelma's family to name a few are in the forefront of our minds as 2018 has dealt some bad cards, and the fight will continue into the new year. Love to all of you ❤. We had a fantastic New Year celebration and 'mini break' with Charles and Bec. They arrived from the damp and cold into the heat and humidity on New Years Eve and we never looked back for six days. It was wonderful to spend time with them and enjoy the sailing

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