Piper at the Pitons

Over the 18th and 19th February we covered around 150nm over 2 days from Les Saintes, stopping in St Pierre, Martinique overnight and on to Marigot Bay. The plan was to meet Rob and Fiona who we're on holiday in St Lucia. They had a gap in their hectic schedule with their guide 'Vision', who had been taking them all over the island seeking out the local fauna. It was great to see them and they had kindly bought us a mass of books, spare parts and bits and bobs from the UK. We picked them up at the dock in Marigot Bay and headed straight for the Pitons. We spent a lovely sail down and spent the day relaxing, snorkelling and catching up before dropping them at the jetty in Soufriere to taxi b

Some ARC+ Crazy Families Reunited

From Antigua we set sail for Guadeloupe and checked into the country in Deshaies. The wind was howling down the anchorage and the spots close to the town were all taken. After clearing customs and immigration at the Police Station we weighed anchor and headed off southward to Pte Malendure/Pigeon Island. Our Norwegian friends on Axeline 2 were already there and the following morning another ARC+ Norwegian family arrived on eMotion. It was an unexpected mini reunion ahead of the planned get together with LaDiala, which had been moved to Les Saintes on 15th February so that Marlin, Lallona, Mon Reve, Gaia and Tortola 2 could also be there. Before leaving the anchorage a French flagged, 45ft st

Rig Repairs, Rum & Rugby in Antigua

After a faboulous time around Barbuda and the east and northern anchorages of Antigua we were back at the Catamaran Marina to repair the damaged gooseneck with Antigua Rigging and MPS. Darren and Corine, a guyanian lady and Antigua's 'No.1 Marine Welder', did a superb job on the rig. Two new, strengthened, aluminium plates were fitted to the inside of the GTI carbon mast with additional fixings to hold the plates in position.  We anchored stern-to at the East Dock with Moana's bow to windward so we could drop and raise the mainsail on the berth. The boom was swung off to port and held in slings while the work on the mast and gooseneck was sorted out. The whole process has taken 2 weeks in al

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