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Les Saintes- A Sense of Sleepy Brittany in the Caribbean

A small group of islands just south of Guadelupe, Les Saintes are delightful 

Weather on route to Les Saintes
Bourg de Saintes from the Anchorage
Bourg de Saintes Sea Front
Cut through to the seafront
Bourg House 1
Caribbean Christmas Deco
Bourg House 2
The Baie Bourg de Saintes
Freddies Churros Heaven
Swordfish comin at yer
Lovely Colourful Buildings
Inside L'eglise
Outside the Marie
Recycled Plastic Bottles for decorations
Childrens Christmas Party outside the Ma
Christmas Songs outside the Marie
Fishing and Sailmaking are still strong.
Along the Waterfront
Bathing at the Bourg de Saintes Seafront
Fishing Boat at the Seafront
Yes, it's part of France
Evening in the Anchorage
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