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Pte Malendure and Pigeon Island - Nature Reserve and Turtles

Half Way up Guadelupes Lush West Coast a Nature Reserve associated with Jaques Cousteau

Route Les Saintes to Guadelupe
Ready for Lobster Pot Lookout Duty
Lush Southern Guadelupe
The Anchorage Opposite Pigeon Island Nat
The Boat Pontoon and dive shops at Pte M
Village at Pte Malendure
Le Rocher de Malendure - Great view Grea
Sand Dollar from Pte Malendure
The Topping Lift Swing
Dream on
Great Spot for a Sundowner
Citron Vert Daquiris at Le Rocher de Mal
Jo & the achorage from Le Rocher de Male
Pigeon Island from the wonderful Le Roch
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