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Antigua, Greeting 2019 in with Friends - The Best

Charles and Bec Arrive on New Years Eve for a Wonderful Week

The Dingy Dock at Falmouth
Anchorage in the upper reaches of Englis
The Steel Band at Shirley Heights
Party at Shirley Heights with Andrew and
Shirley Heights (2)
English Harbour & Falmouth from Shirley
Antigua - Great Maps!
Nelsons Dockyard looks immaculate now
English Harbour
Wear & Tear at the Foot of the Mainsail.
New Years Eve - Charles & Bec Arrive
Welcome to 2019
Kiss me Quick (Hardy)
Not Such a Good Idea!
Freddies NY Memorabilia
Goat Head Channel SW Antigua
The Boys at Pigeon Beach
The Anchor Check Team
Snorkelling again
Definitely Comfortable at the Helm
The Perfect Sailing Couple
Our Current Life in One Photo!
Fred looking for the waves
There's 500mm Tubes!
Who Needs Surf
OJ's Bar on Turners Beach
Really, What its all about!
What it's all About
What more beer
Jo's Happy Place
Thanking Richard Hadida for our drink at
Returning from Johnsons Point
Out into the Caribeean Sea
Keep it simple
Trying out C&Bs Hotel Bed - Luxury!
WhatApp Antigua Style
Jo Dips into the Fridge again
Falmouth Harbour from C&Bs Room
Arriving for Breakfast
Fishermen return to Falmouth
Tarpon at the Dock Wait for Scraps
Its Brilliant!
Fyffes Beach Babes
Charles Kicks Back
Charles Helms Home to Falmouth
Big Hair Day after the 7 year wash
Bec and Jo at Pigeon Beach
More Coffee Please
Freddie & Bec on the Foredeck
Checking out the Big Uns at English Harb
At the Usual Table!
Drying out in Non Such Bay
Moana in Clover Leaf Bay 10012019
Maiden Voyge for Freddies Dragonforce 65
The DragonForce65 on Test
Snorkelling off Bird Island
Soft Coral off Bird Island
Stringray nettling in the sand - Bird Is
Moana in Non Such Bay 10012019
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