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St Lucia- ARC+ Leg 2 Awards and Closing Party

Moana is 3rd in the Class A Cruising Division - Amazing, the Creme de Menthe in Fact! 

Our Supper at Spinnakers
Our Last Crew Supper at Spinnakers with
Our Last Supper at Spinnakers with Crew,
Another Beauty
Moored in Rodney Bay Ready to Leave for
Marigot Bay from the Air
Settled in Marigot Bay
What its all about!
Jake gets the angle
Jo, Freddie & Majestic Pitons
The Biggest Fish We Never Caught Breaks
Caribbean Sailing
Lucy and the Petit Piton
Ray kicks back
Anabel goes for it in the pool
St Lucias West Coast
Mat in the Dickie Seat
Anchored at Anse Chastenet
Heading for the Pitons
The Moana Team Ready to Party on
St Lucian Welcome for Ray
ARC+ Leg 2  Cruiser Results
ARC+ Leg 2 Multihull Results
3rd in Class A for Moana
Jubilant Moana Crew - 3rd in Class A Wow
Jo's happy...
Marlin on the Rhumb Line
Axeline 2 - Deserved winners of Leg 2
Acknowledging the Boat Kids
How low can you go
The Fantastic Stilt Walkers
Lou and Captain Ross - a hint of pirate
Anabel goes Calypso
Limbo Time for Freddie
Flossing goes Global
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