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Barbuda, Desolate and Beautiful - The Unspoilt Outpost of the Caribbean

Ravaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017, & The Fiercely Resiliant Inhabitants are Recovering Slowly but Surely

Freddie with his Spanish Mackerel nr Bar
A Fine Fish and Tasty Supper
Arrival in Barbuda - Wow
Barbuda Low Bay
Desolate Beauty
Keep Digging
Low Bay
Pink Shells Litter in the Sand
Dead Coral and Shells
Moody Skies
The Dock in the Codrington Lagoon
Closed for now
Conch and Fish Curry with Dumplings
Lunch Outside Barbuda Council
The Future lies with the Council after I
Tender Fuel Hunt in Codrington
Wild Donkeys everywere
Freddie, Eve & the Lads at the Dock
George Jeffery - Guide and Gent
George's Island Map
Freddie and Nael Check out the Jellyfish
Hurricane Container - 3 miles away!
Frigate Bird Colony in the Lagoon 01
Frigates at Close Quarters
Frigate Bird Colony in the Lagoon 03
Frigate Bird Colony in the Lagoon 02
Georges Pot - Teeming with Spiny Lobster
Fresh Lobster for Lunch
Irma's New Opening into the Lagoon
Thank you George - A Superb Trip
Fresh out the Sea - Can't beat it!
SY Volterra or Chateau & Vineyard in Ram
Key knot - the Bowline
Chris shows us Roddy's under reconstruct
Barbuda Beach Cottages - Coral Bay
Conch Shell Debris - Coral Group Bay
Beach at Coral Group Bay
Eagle Ray - Coal Bay Reef
Barbuda - Cocoa Point 02
Moana - Barbuda
Ramoras Under the Hull - Cocoa Bay
Freddie and Remora Cocoa Bay
Freddie Cocoa Pt Bay
Remains of the K Club
Let's Play
Cocoa Pt Anchorage
Relax Freddie!
English Breakfast - what a treat!
Fire on the horizon
Cocoa Pt East at Sunset
Say no more! but sad to be leaving
Antigua from Barbuda
Freddie with Montserrat's Ash Cloud abov
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