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Gooseneck repaired we head south again to meet with the Crazy ARC Families in Guadeloupe/Les Saintes and friends and family in the Windward Islands

Antigua has been fantastic but it's time to move on now Moana's rig is tip-top again

Pigeon Island - Guadeloupe
The Dock at Pigeon Island
The Anchorage Pte Maldendure
Jo on the Daiquiris
Pigeon Island Sunset - Again!
The Hotel Bar at Pain a Sucre
Pain a Sucre - Les Saintes
The Anchorage at Pain a Sucre
Lallona, LaDiala, Moana and Marlin
The Boat Girls at Les Saintes
Pepe, Steve and Alf
Back Together in Les Saintes
Fresh Foraged Coconut Milk
Marc on Childcare duty
Maxim, Mara and Freddie
Pina Coladas this evening
Some of the ARC Crazy Boatkids
LaDiala and Moana Kids
Fishing Boats in Bourg Des Saintes
Bourg Des Saintes
Bourg Des Saintes
Lego, Biscuits and Frankfurters
Freddie and Maxim Dive for it
The Backstreet in Bourg Des Saintes
Joint Helming
Leaving Les Saintes - big day ahead
Ready for the Martinique Channel
Dolphins NE Martinique
Rainbow over St Pierre Martinique
ARC Crazy Families Continue Northwards
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