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Pitons, Snorkelling, Volcanoes, Mudbath and a Sleep Over in St Lucia

Arriving in St Lucia Again to Meet up with Rob and Fiona, who are on holiday on the east  side of the Island. We have a great few days sailing to the Pitons, snorkelling, visiting the active volcano near Soufriere. 

Setting out for St Lucia
Freddie - Martinique Channel
Marigot Bay - a pretty anchorage
Marigot Bay View from the Marina Pool
Packed in like Sardines!
A Disco and Moana in Marigot Bay
Weather beaten Freddie and Steve
The pool at Marigot Bay
Rob and Fi arrive on Moana
The Pitons - an iconic View
Fi and Rob Relax on board
Rob Helming to Soufriere
Freddie jumps from the topping lift
Rob goes for the topping lift challenge.
The Surreal Sunset Piper at the Pitons
Steve and Fi off Soufriere
Jo and Rob of Soufriere
Fresh Cane Juice at Canaries
Sweet Nectar!
Lush Growth in the Volcano
Boiling Mud and Steam
In the Caldera of the Volcano
Ready for the Sulphur Baths
Fully coated and ready
Mud, Mud, Glorious...
Body Art by Linus
Sulphur Mud is good for you!
Lunch stop in Soufriere
Soufriere Lunch stop
View into Soufriere Bay
A beer for 40 years of independence
Finger on the  Piton
Soufriere and the Pitons
Fi and Rob head off
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