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Winds were light west of Barbados so we set up the Whisker Pole with the Yankee to make the most of the downwind conditions. We were making around 7 knots over the ground so we kept the mainsail in to avoid an uncomfortable roll and prevent an arrival at Carriacou in the dark.

A Melancoly Farewell in Barbados, 120nm Downwind overnight to Carriacou, N Grenada

Carriacou First Sight at First Light
Arrival at Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou
Tyrrel Bay Skyline
Sunset at Sandy Island
There She Goes
Carriacou is good for you
Paradise Beach and Union Island behind
Pink hue at Sandy Island
Sandy Island
Beachcombing on Sandy Issland
Lobsters for the Pot
Spiny Lobsters
BBQ on Sandy Isand
Repairing nets in L'Esterre Bay
Fishermans base at Paradise Beach Carria
Boat Builders on Carriacou
Off The Hook - Open but Closed
Barman - He's gone to Grenada!
Booked for the next day!
The 'Off The Hook' Bar
View towards Union Island
L'Esterre Beach
A super little Carriacou boat
Carriacou Welcome Board
Laughing Gulls Hillsborough
Hillsborough Shopfront
Old Tank - part of the restaurant!
Colourful Hillsborough
Hillsborough Colours
Hillsborough Doorway
Fresh Coconut Juicing
Not Sure whats going on here
Whats 'Woo!'
Patty's Deli in Hillsborough
Street Fruit in Hillsborogh
Hillsborough Beach Bar
Catholic Church on St Pats Day
Catholic Church Window
The Kayak Kafe Hillsborough
Hillsborough Anchorage
Kayak Kafe
Tea Towel in Kayak Kafe
Fixing the Wifi Aerial Tyrrel Bay
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