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Le Marin, Martinique for a Genny Service, then on to Barbados to see Dad, Judith, Matt, & Family

We sailed up to Le Marin in Martinique for a couple of days to get the Westerbeke generator serviced, hoping to get a north-easterly and a better angle to sail to Barbados. Luckily it worked out well. We see our ARC+ friends on Gertha 4 in the marina and 120nm and 16 hours out of Le Marin we were in Carlisle Bay, Bridgetown on the 'Atlantic' Island.

Electric Mini Moke in Martinique
Freddie with Vince & Arthur - Gertha 4
Freddie immersed in The Shire!
Dad and Jude on route to Bridgetown
120nm Beating upwind for Barbados
Long legged Jo
Into 30-40kt wind and heavy seas
Jo ready for the Squalls
The paperweight at the Port Office
BG and Jude Board in Carlisle Bay
Careenage Basin and Lift Bridge, Bridget
Inner Basin, Bridgetown
Careenage Inner Basin, Bridgetown
The 19th Century Screw Dock in Bridgetow
Exiting the Careenage Inner Basin Bridge
The Barmy Army's Nerve Centre
Know the feeling!
Palms at Dusk
Browns Beach
Carlisle Bay from Browns Beach
Sunset from Browns Beach
Arriving at Waves
Barbados W Coast Feel at Waves
BG and Jo at Waves
Daquiri at Waves
Moana - Barbados W Coast
The Fish Pot - Little Good Harbour
The Dock at the Fish Pot
A fine pair of Punches
Moana alone in Barbados!
Lobster 'Alive'!
Lunch at Carlisle Bay Lobster Live #3
Lunch at Carlisle Bay Lobster Live #2
Lunch at Carlisle Bay Lobster Live #1
BG Freddie and Art with The Crustaceans.
Jazz at Arts Place
BG and The Crustaceans at Arts Place
Jo Fries
Turtle Beach OAP's
The Beach Chess Challenge
Nate and Freddie
Beach Cricket Barbados Style
Cover drive into the Sea
Feddie's Turtle Beach Creation
Auntie Jude with Freddie
Nate and Freddie at Accra
All Together at The Cliff BC
Shark Sculpture at The Cliff Beach Club.
The Fish Market in Bridgetown
Mahi Mahi
Reggae Bus to Bridgetown
CLB Museum in Fontabelle
The CLB Museum in Fontabelle
Name that Game
Fire in Babylon!
Tha Great Windies Squad at thr LBC Museu
Desmond Haynes with Freddie at CLB
Policing Barbados Style
Tidy Lines on Board
Atlantic Rowers Landfall in Port St Char
Bigger than most Garages!
Green Turtle at Six Mens Bay
Turtle at Six Mens Bay
Batfish - Six Mens Bay
Puffer or Balloon at Six Mens Bay
Prowelling Tarpon - Six Mens Bay
Oistins Fish Fry
Oistins Night Out
BG on it with The Crustaceans 01
MIke sets up the next number
Doing the Jazz Floss
Together over Lobster and Jazz
Off Port St Charles
Everyone on Board
Back from a Turtle Swim
SJ & CM on the Dickie Seats
Casper relaxes and chats to Mat
A tiring day on board!
The Girls Kicking Back
Nate - I'm Drivin'
Nate Driving the RIB
Lovin' life
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