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Checking out of Carriacou/Grenada at Tyrrel Bay we head for Petit Martinique & PSV to start island hopping through The Southern Grenadines

Arriving in Petit Martinique we are still officially in Grenada, but only a short dingy ride away is the private island of Petit St. Vincent (PSV), the most southerly of The Grenadines. This is theYachties Playground and Caribbean Sailing as featured in the brochures. Suppose we just have to put up with it!!

The Dock at Petit Martinique
Petit Martinique welcome
Petit Martinique blooms
Petit Martinique stroll
Petit Martinique  House
Petit Martinique Cricket at Primary Scho
Petit Martinique from PSV
PSV Swing
Freddie gets a bite at PSV
Beach Film Night at Goaties on PSV
Legs 33
Crazy Corrigans Crooked Passage!
Mopion Island
Through the reef at Mopion
Morpion Island - Unreal
Livin' the Dream on a deserted Islet
Under the Parasol on Mopion
Goaties Bar at PSV
'Beauty' in PSV
Moana & PSV Sunset
Sunset Cove Chatham Bay
A Man of Many Talents
Sliders - Union Island
Seckie's Place Chatham Bay
Taking Five
Chatham Bay Union
Chatham Bay Snorkelling_Moment
Chatham Bay Freddie Dives Deep
Chatham Bay 02 RIB
Chatham Bay 01 Trigger Fish
I Have the Power!
Saltwhistle Bay Mayreau
A Chocker Full Saltwhistle Bay
Sea Eggs -  Saltwhistle Bay
Sheltering from the Rain Boatboy Style
The Cays
Moana from Baradal, Tobago Cays
Cricket on the Cays
Baradal, Tobago Cays
Maths Morning
Grackle pays a visit
Grackle on Board!
Baking Day
Tobago Cays Outer Reef
Horseshoe Reef Tobago Cays
Tobago Cays Rainbow Reef Snorkelling
Tobago Cays Reef Fish
Trunkfish Tobago Cays
Reef Fish Tobago Cays
Stingray Horseshoe Reef
Another Lovely Local Yacht
Friendship Rose - Tobago Cays
Beach Gecko - Tobago Cays
Over the Horseshoe Reef Tobago Cays
Freddie Anchor Check
Jigsaw Morning
Jump for it!
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