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After flying back to the UK, Freddie and Jo stay at home to start catching up with our family and friends and begin the school summer term.

By the 7th May Steve is back on board looking for crew to help with the TransAt back to mainland Europe. The network in Antigua turns up two great crew, Jesper the Danish Navy's best and Colin, Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor and veteran of 10 East to West & 12 West to East crossings.  On 10th May, 16.00UTC we depart from Jolly Marina bound for the Azores where Jesper leaves us and Ferg, Fi & Rich join for the passage to Lagos and then on to Gibraltar.

Back in the Worcester!
Leaving Jolly Harbour
Colin Kicking back
Danish Helmsman
Easing along at 8 knots
Home calling
Learning the Art from Colin
Spinner Dolphin Plays
Before Jesper's Tobacco Withdrawl sets i
Mahi Mahi Supper
Playtime again
The North Atlantic Loop
Horta Arrival
Anchored in Horta Harbour
Moana Nestles
Peter's Cafe Sport
Peter's - Classic Seamans Transit Bar
Brilliant Musician awaits landfall
Maria goes for it in Peters Bar
Boat Art on the walls and floors of Hort
Just a bit of the boat art
Porto Pim on Faial
W to E- the Leg 1 Crew
Pico from Horta
Pico #1
Passing Pico
ARC+ Yacht Ahoy, Terceira
Approaching Angra do Heroisme
Marina in Angra do Heroisme
Vasco Da Gama
Angra do Heroisme, Terceira #4
Angra do Heroisme, Terceira #3
Mural in Terceira
Cathedral in Terceira
Angra do Heroisme, Terceira #2
Cinema in Angra do Heroisme
Angra do Heroisme, Terceira #1
Sausage on Fire, Ponta Delgada
Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel
Underway from Sao Miguel
Ferg on Sky Watch
Fi 02
Beam Reaching at 9 knots
Rich - the Galley Challenge
Wicked Skies
Lagos to Gib
Portugal Sunset
Sunset nr Lagos
Cape Trafalgar
North Africa Ahoy
Typical Traffic in the Straights
Approaching Gib
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