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Leaving Menorca in the early morning we have a  240nm,34 hour overnight passage ahead to Corsica. 

The wind is favourable for the first 140nm then we are faced with a light headwind for the remaining passage to our Corscian landfall at Cala Di Conca. Before Jo and Freddie fly home from N Sardinia we are hoping to meet up with Judith and Al on Monaypenny, Risi, Alex and Family in their VW Combi J-LO on  route to the opera inVerona and Rob, FI, Will and Arabella on their charter holiday out of Cannigioni

Sunrise on Passage to Corsica
Sunset on Passage to Corsica
Waiting for the Stars
Sky on Passage
Cala Di Conca Sunset
Turtle Rock at Cala Di Conca
To the Beach
The Rising Ball of Fire
Big Shell from a 10m dive
Cala Longa
Freddie RIBing in French Territory
Jo at Cala Longa
Eagle Head Rock Cala Longa
Awesome Geology on Corsica
Cala Di Brija
Anse at Cala Di Conca
Cala Longa Corsica
Cala Longa Cove
Always Breathtaking
Salt Pool C Di Brija
Rocks at C Di Brija
Rock Crevice C Di Brija
Freddie at C. Di Brija
Exploring C Di Brija
Rock Foraging C Di Brija
Rock Snorkelling at C Di Brija
Jude & Freddie in the Yak
Judes F on Roccapina path
Moana nears Bonifacio
Moneypenny underway
Approaching Bonifacio
Distant Superyacht fire
Special times on Moana
A Leisurely Sail in S Corsica
Hard work this sailing lark!
Alex Kicks Back
This is the life
Emile and the Levitation Dive
Great times in Rondinara
What its all about!
Rondinara Risi
Come back soon
Good Shape to Ila Lavezzi
I.Lavezzi Landscape
Will and Freddie - Ila Lavezzi
Water stand
Freddie & Will on Annemarie
Pencil jumping
Rob enjoys the Toys
Arabella Rob and Steve
Fi, Paula & Steve
Steve Rob & John Ila Lavazzi
Bouldering Lavezzi Style
Sundown at Lavezzi
Will and Freddie at the Bow
8.5kts on the bow
Treat in Cala Di Paragnanu
Rob and Jackie Onassis
Girls on the Fizz
Arabella at the Helm
Boys & Toys
Calm before the Storm -Paragnanu
Aramis - pretty
Too many late nights!
Cannigione bound
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