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Before autumnal weather sets in it was time to move Moana around to Fox's for some overdue warranty work and a safe haven for the coming British winter. Crew and boat were ready and with weather gods were onside promising easterlies first of all then westerlies once on the South Coast. 

Deck tour and a safety brief completed the previous evening we were topped up with fuel by 0915 on Sunday and into the 0930 lock through the Cardiff Barrage. Greeted by messy, tide ripped breakers and a coffee coloured sea, it was off into the Bristol Channel and west towards North Devon.  A passage full of variety and memories ahead of us.

Penarth - Moana ready for Sea
Bristol Channel Sunshine
Dusk Rig Check
Waiting for the ISS
George at the Helm
Dave kicks back on the Dickie Seat
Brad Checks the ISS Orbit Time
Sunset off N Devon
Running in Force 7 in the English Channe
Dawn at Lands End
Dawn at Lands End 01
Dolphins Off S Devon
Another Dolphin Pod Arrives
Crossing the Greenwich Meridian 01
Heli Approaching
Heli Hoving over Moana01
Dave on the Orwell Approach
Pin Mill Orwell River
Arrival at Foxs
Full English and a Pint at Foxs
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