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With the British Summer finally on the way, we're off to Scotland in search of the Caledonian Canal, Loch Ness and dreams of the Western Isles. Our first venture along the east coast and ready for some short seas, gas platforms and wind farms before the mountains and glens unfold.

Departing at 11am from the Fuel Dock at Fox's and into the Orwell River, we are ready for the next chapter. The forecast is good and the crew rearing to go. Let's Go to Scotland!

Nestled next to Havengore at Foxs
Out of the Orwell
Open Sea ahoy
Night 1 at Sea
Aye the Lads
Gord & Kate
Nerdy Navigation
George Checks the Trim
Swallow pays a visit
Top Grinding!!
Approaching the Moray Firth
Dolphin Watch at Chanonry Point off Fort
Kate & George
A Tight Fit under Kessock Bridge
Squeezed on the Dock in Inverness
A Windblown Arrival
Inverness Marina
Its seldom been like this
We've Made it
What a Slave Driver
My Boys
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