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Meet the Southampton to Porto Crew

Southampton to Porto

For Moana's first major voyage since the refit Alan Harmer joined us to help us get used the boat and on board systems. He was able to pass on a small part of the wealth of experience he has sailing Oysters over the past 30 years.  Alan was formerly a skipper and project manager with Oyster and knows the company and the boats intimately. Judith and Alistair joined following 18 months of independent sailing from Pembrokeshire to the Med on ther Dufour 43cc Moneypenny.  Rob Johnson also managed to get a week away from his heavy NHS schedule in Worcestershire to join us for the 'Biscay' leg. After a wet and miserable start in Soutampton we had an enjoyable, fast and wildlife filled passage. One never to forget. Thanks to everyone.

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