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Penarth to the Orwell Estuary

Gordon, George, Dave, Brad & Ferg

Before October brings storms from the North Atlantic, Moana is due back at Fox's in Ipswich for some warranty work on the saloon windows. Conditions looked ideal for the trip around Lands End, along the South Coast, through the busy Dover Strait and across the Thames Estuary to the Orwell River. Fresh easterlies for the Bristol Channel, a clear, sunshine and starlight filled lull around Lands End to Gosport followed by exciting sailing for the final 24hr leg to Fox's Marina. Not for the faint hearted....starting with the ebb from a 12.5m Spring tide in Penarth, finishing with overnight Force 7 conditions, a coastguard helicopter visit, fast ferries and wind farms around the Kent and Essex coast, plus plenty more action in between. A passage with countless memories and a crew that were more than up to the task. Thanks to all.






Dave on the Orwell Approach.JPG


Brad Checks the ISS Orbit Time.JPG

Brad (Penarth to Gosport)


Ferg - (Gosport to Fox's)

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