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A Matter of Course(s)

In preparation for the ARC+ all the 'adult' members of the crew took time out to attend some RYA courses with Taff at PPSA in East Llanion. First of all Jo, Giles and Steve completed the First Aid course. This wasn't needed for Ray due to his existing profound knowledge of all matters medical! This was swiftly followed the next day by the RYA Sea Survival course which was a superb and eye-opening day with a morning in the PPSA classroom and then an extended practical session in the local sauna (Bush Swimming Pool).

The afternoon in the pool was particularly testing and helpful with everyboby involved, getting a taste of what things could be like in and emergency man overboard (MOB) situation, or vessel abandonment. Not something any of us want to experience for real. We all agreed that this was an invaluable day and great for crew bonding.

Finally, on Friday, Jo took and passed her RYA Short Range Radio Certificate (SRC). Well done Jo, 'You're on Fire'.

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