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Arrival in Las Palmas for the ARC+

On 30th October we were out of bed by 5am and getting ready for our lift to Birmingham Airport and the Jet2 flight to Gran Canaria. All went well and we arrived safely at around 2pm. The time is the same as the UK, so there was no need to change our watches. Dad met us at the airport with a sign saying 'Welcome Coconut Bangers' (my first phrase at 3 years old!). It's all very exciting now....

We dropped off Grandma and Trevor at their appartment and arrived on Pontoon S at the Marina, where Moana is moored. The boats near us all have children on board as this is the Family Pontoon for the ARC+. I've already made friends from lots of different countries as the boats are from different places such as Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Ireland, Sweden and USA.

The Kids Club activities start officially on Tuesday 6th November, but we have already been to a beach club and played and international football match.

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