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Thanks for Sharing

Thank you to Linda and Trevor, Wynne and Rachel and Martin for coming out to see us in Las Palmas.

It was fantastic to be able to share part of our Gran Canaria ARC+ experience with you. It meant a huge amount to Freddie, Jo and Myself. We would have liked to spend more time socialising but the final preparations on Moana have been extremely time consuming. Sorry!

The ARC+ build up has been increasingly intense, as work needs to be done on the 75 yachts on the ARC+, with further demands from a the 185 yachts on the main ARC event. The chandleries and trademen are run off their feet and are doing a brilliant job. Thanks also to the Oyster Team who have given Moana a thorough 'health check' as part of their ARC service. The excellent reputation of the Oyster aftersales service remains well and truly intact.

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