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Leg 1 - We've done it!

After 6 days and nearly 1000nm at sea we've made it to Mindelo. We're all buzzing. What an achievement and a brilliant start to the adventures. Despite the light airs at the start we've stuck to our guns, kept the engine quiet, and sailed all the way from Las Palmas.

The spirits are high and the food on board has been superb. Tuna Sandwiches extraordinaire from Giles and Ray's on the case with our fluid intake from our initialled water bottles. No cases of 'real' sea sickness and Freddie's a fully fledged Sea Dog already.

We have had a few bites on the fishing lures, but due to the boat speed it has been difficult to land any of the fish, especially the spectacular Mahi Mahi. Something bit through the line and removed our little squid lure and a cresent shaped chunk has been taken out of the 'Killer Lure'. A small (4kg) Tuna makes it all worthwhile and, as it was landed at around 5pm, perfect for frying up in garlic and ginger for tea.

The remote beauty of Mindelo, and the floating bar at the marina, beckon..... 22nd arrival of the 72 boat fleet and eventually placed 15th overall once the ARC+ office adjusts for the engine hours and handicaps. Quite frankly we're amazed, how did that happen....Maybe those two mega nights on days 2 and 3?!

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