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An Early Birthday Party is Just Great!

Today Maxim, from La Diala, and I had an early Birthday Party.

He is 5 on the 23 December and I'm 10 on the 18th December. As we are all going our our separate ways across the Caribbean from this Thursday our parents organised and early Party including two cakes with candles. Some of our best friends from the ARC+ came along to celebate and eat lots of cake of course.

It's going to be quite sad saying goodbye to everybody on Thursday. We now have to make room for the boats still arriving from the main ARC rally and it is the right time to move on to explore other islands. Some yachts will go south to St Vincent and the Grenadines, while others, like us on Moana, will head north. We are planning to go to Dominica and Guadalupe for Christmas and then on to Antigua for New Year. After that were not sure but it's likely that we will be back in St Lucia by the middle of February before heading south. Just Mum, Dad and I on board now, exciting!

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