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Moana Scoops 3rd in Class A

After the ARC+ team adjusted the Rally Results for the handicaps and engine use, Moana came in 3rd in Class A.

Wow, how did that happen?? We stoically refused to use our motor and sailed the entire length of both Legs of the ARC+. We wanted to sail the Atlantic, not motor, or motorsail, a bit of it. After coming in 16th out of the entire fleet of 72 yachts we were elevated to 10th after the adustments and 3rd in the 21 Class A cruiser group. As in Leg 1, we were the fastest of the 3 Oysters, coming in ahead of Nikitoo (OY625) and Princess Aguella (OY55). We had such a great spirit on board and this was the icing on the cake after such and amazing experience. What and achievement. Moana's crew are simply the 'Creme de Menthe' to coin the phrase of Giles's plumber back in Tenby.

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