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Sad to Leave St Lucia

On the evening of 14th December the time came for the ARC+ crew to part company. Giles, Ray and their families are heading back to the Pembrokeshire and Bristol and Jo, Freddie and I are heading up to Dominica with Moana.

It's been epic, a wonderful adventure, with all of us feeling bonded as a team with ourselves and Moana. Yet, each of us has been personally affected in our own way by the crossing. It sort of crept up on us as a life changer!  Huge thanks to Giles and Ray who will soon be back in the Hope & Anchor in Tenby dreaming of life beyond Caldey and a flying fish in the ear! 

So, weighing anchor in Rodney Bay, we're heading north towards Dominica. The plan is to meet Robin on the Cat Shadow at Roseau. He is delivering some food and presents, as part of the Sailing Santa initiative, for the Orphans and kids still displaced after the hurricane last year.  We've got some snacks, sweets, mask and fins and coloured pencils and hope to meet the children at the Mission in Mahaut.

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