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Catching Up in 2019

We are now into 2019, having spent Freddie's birthday in Prince Rupert's Bay, Dominica and a lovely, peaceful Christmas in Deshaies, Guadelupe. It has been time to reflect, and maybe even catch up a bit, with people and family we miss from back home. Risi, George, Dad and Thelma's family to name a few are in the forefront of our minds as 2018 has dealt some bad cards, and the fight will continue into the new year. Love to all of you ❤.

Happy and Healthy 2019 to you all from Antigua

We had a fantastic New Year celebration and 'mini break' with Charles and Bec. They arrived from the damp and cold into the heat and humidity on New Years Eve and we never looked back for six days. It was wonderful to spend time with them and enjoy the sailing and beaches around Antigua's south west corner. After beating into a 25 knot easterly and 3m close seas, we are now quietly tucked up near the mangroves in Clover Leaf Bay at the northern end of Non Such Bay. There's no swell and very little wind due to the protection of the reefs and the hills to the seaward side of our anchorage. Probably heading for Barbuda next to test the navigation skills!

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