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Piper at the Pitons

Over the 18th and 19th February we covered around 150nm over 2 days from Les Saintes, stopping in St Pierre, Martinique overnight and on to Marigot Bay. The plan was to meet Rob and Fiona who we're on holiday in St Lucia. They had a gap in their hectic schedule with their guide 'Vision', who had been taking them all over the island seeking out the local fauna. It was great to see them and they had kindly bought us a mass of books, spare parts and bits and bobs from the UK. We picked them up at the dock in Marigot Bay and headed straight for the Pitons. We spent a lovely sail down and spent the day relaxing, snorkelling and catching up before dropping them at the jetty in Soufriere to taxi back to their hotel. We had some provisioning to do so we started back towards Rodney Bay only to encounter a surreal scene of a fully kilted Scotsman in a dingy piping the sunset.

On the Friday we met up again for a day trip to the volcano and hot sulphur baths just outside of Soufriere. It was superb fun at the volcano and we wound down with lunch at a local restuarnt on the seafront in Soufiere before returning to Marigot Bay for the evening. A few dark and stormies later and some comedy service at a meal out at Doolittles we crashed out on Moana. Fi and Rob were flying back to the UK the next evening some they headed back for some rest by the hotel pool before the flight. Not letting the barnacles grow we set sail for Le Marin in Martinique to get our genny serviced and give us a better point of sail for the push windward to Barbados.

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